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What is L'instITUT DU COEUR?

The Heart Institute was created in 1992 by Professor Alain Carpentier and Dr Duong Quang Trung who was at the time director of the Health Department Services of Ho Chi Minh City. Its mission is to offer high-quality care to Vietnamese patients suffering from heart diseases, but especially children.



‘Their Heart Needs Your Beat’ is a small fundraising organisation that support L’institut du Coeur. By purchasing our products you directly contribute to the cost of a surgery and saving a life as all our profits go directly to the foundation. We have chosen to support L’institut du Coeur as their outcome is so significant, one surgery and a child is given the opportunity to live normally. An open heart surgery costs on average USD$2000 and by purchasing our isotherm bags, you help provide this to an underprivileged child with heart defect.

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