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All profits raised from this book and all other Their Heart Needs Your Beat products will go directly to funding cardiac surgery and saving lives of underprivileged children that have heart defects, through L'Institut Du Coeur foundation.


Since the youngest age I have always had a passion for everything and anything to do with food. Whether it is cooking, baking, styling, photographing or eating, I have always loved spending time in the kitchen and exploring restaurants. With 2020 came a few unusual circumstances, including extended periods of time spent at home. So, I decided to use this time to write out the recipes for some of my favourite dishes and desserts. This recipe book is a collection of all the healthy recipes I have discovered over the years, ranging from some of my family’s classics to recipes I developed in my New York City kitchen. I can now proudly present to you the product of my “quarantine project” and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it! 


- Loanne Merlin

"à table!" Recipe Book

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